February 27, 2023

Proven Ways to Tell If Someone is an Amateur in Gambling

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Those who have played blackjack and poker know what attitude and character can do. In these games, players who exhibit amateur gambling behaviors can become enticing targets for established players. But gambling has evolved, and even gambling greenhorns know how to cover their tracks. So, this article discusses certain traits of novice gamblers and how to avoid betting like these players. 

Proven Ways to Tell If Someone is an Amateur in Gambling

They Don’t Play Poker and Blackjack

Anyone who doesn’t play blackjack and video poker at land-based venues or online casinos is likely an amateur at gambling. That’s not to say that other online casino games are unsuitable. Instead, poker and blackjack offer players better winning odds. 

Here’s the argument; players practically do nothing to save their skin after betting on slots, roulette, baccarat, or craps. But with poker and blackjack, gamers can employ strategies to increase the house edge. The legendary MIT blackjack team is an excellent case study. But always remember that all gambling results are mainly luck-based. 

They Complain a Lot About the Casino

All gamblers have the inner drive to win. After all, playing the best online casino games involves using real money. But some players are not good at accepting losses. These players will complain about non-payment, rigged results, and more on every gambling review site.

But the reality is that these players are primarily at fault, especially when playing at top online casinos regulated by a legal body. The regulatory body will only approve the casino if it has a proven track record of treating players fairly and respectfully. 

For example, most of these casinos offer games approved by bodies like eCOGRA and Gaming Associates. This means there’s no chance whatsoever that the game results are skewed to favor the gambling site. 

They Focus on Casino Bonuses and Promotion

An amateur gambler will recommend an online casino to other players based on the available bonuses and promotions. Although hunting for the best casino bonuses and promotions is a wise move, there’s more than meets the naked eye. In other words, bonuses shouldn’t top the checklist when searching for the best casinos in 2023. 

Consider this; casino A can offer new players 200 free spins as part of the welcome package, whereas casino B offers 50 bonus spins. For an amateur casino player, the 200 free spins can be irresistible. But these players don’t understand that the eligible online slot machines in the first offer can have a lower RTP (Return to Player). 

Another critical consideration that novice casino players fail to consider is the bonus wagering requirement. This is the number of times casino players must wager using the bonus amount to withdraw winnings. For instance, if a $100 bonus has a 50x wagering requirement, a player must wager $5,000 before cashing out winnings. All said, a bigger casino bonus isn’t necessarily the best offer. 

They Chase Losses at the Casino

Casino players must avoid chasing losses at all times. Many naïve players chase losses hoping to get a sizeable win in the long run. So, if a casino player increases their betting stake exponentially after a loss, this is a clear sign of an amateur player. An amateur player can also stake all their winnings, hoping to win an even more significant amount. 

But players must be careful not to mistake naivety for strategy. Some gamers, especially those who love playing roulette, blackjack, and craps, can use systems like Martingale and Paroli to minimize losses. The Martingale strategy advises players to double their initial stake in case of a loss. But as good as they are, these strategies don’t reduce the house edge in any way. They are just excellent for practicing money management. 

They Boast About Their Wins

Naïve players make the most noise at the casino. If a casino player always brags about their winnings, that’s likely a beginner. It’s okay for casino players to be over the moon after having a sizeable win. But it’s annoying to go bragging everywhere about it. 

Players who indulge in gambling to get bragging rights amongst their peers don’t last long in the game. They can win their first one or two bets, but the casino will always win most of the betting rounds, not to talk of sessions. Will they stand up and brag about the losses too? Most definitely not!

The Summing Up

Anyone that fits the descriptions above is an amateur gambler. But this post doesn’t insinuate that poker and blackjack players are the pros at the casino. Many skilled players want to have fun and relax at slot machines and roulette tables. Nevertheless, players should avoid the characteristics above to become more complete gamers.

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