October 5, 2020

How To Detect a Rogue Casino

Mulenga Chanda
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It is not doubted that online casinos come with ease, flexibility and convenience. It also offers the opportunity to gamble at your own pace, you can as well sample over a thousand games at a time. All these sweet features of the online casino cannot be elucidated with highlighting some risk or frustration that can be encountered.

How To Detect a Rogue Casino

The risk of not having full knowledge of the online casino you play on can be as enormous as losing all your money without a trace on how to get it back. This happenstance can be averted in good time if a player can detect that the online casino he is patronizing is a Rogue Casino.

What is a Rogue Casino?

A Rogue Casino is slang amongst players to describe an online casino that has been blacklisted due to their inconsistencies and fraud attributes. To identify this rogue casino, a player must do the necessary background check, one of the easiest methods is to read other player's reviews splattered over the internet. 

Most of these rogue casinos pay bloggers and rankers to write sensational reviews about their online casino. As a player, when reading reviews, be sure to differential between a sponsored post and an honest review post. Furthermore, do due diligence to always read other people's reviews if there is any on the website you have checked on.

How to Identify a fraudulent online casino - Rogue Casino

Based on experience, you will realize it is not exactly difficult to pinpoint a rogue casino. However, a rookie can miss these key identifiers; even a pro can often have their judgement eroded by sentiments. In this case, caution is needed.

First of, never fall for those online casinos that are overzealous about their bonuses and promotions. Most of them can be baits, besides this, ensure you confirm that they are licensed by reputable agencies. Without asking, any online casino with credibility will boldly write on their website their licensing authorities, a good online casino often possesses two or more licences.

Importance of an ADR in detecting a fraudulent online casino

ADR - Alternative Dispute Resolution. A rogue casino will never have an ADR. The ADR becomes important in a situation whereby an online casino has explored every internal mechanism to settle a dispute with a customer. If the customer remains dissatisfied with how the situation was handled, it is the responsibility of the online casino to point their ADR organizations to the customer to launch an official report. The ADR is usually an independent body that will never take sides, they are obligated to listen to both parties and pass a verdict accordingly.

Trust me, there is no way a rogue casino will have this kind of mechanism in place. To be double sure, just inquire about their ADR and you will see the rogue casino go blank on you. Let me quickly chip this in, If you are still not satisfied with the verdict passed by the ADR which is very rare, you can go one more step. This final step is to write to the licensing authority that has granted the online casino the authority to operate, this body will never go wrong.

Things you can quickly assess to identify a Rogue Casino

Ensure the site is safe and secure by checking if it has the padlock sign in the address bar. The padlock affirms that the online casino is using SSL encryption to protect your data and privacy.

A good online casino should also have 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) login verification.

A reliable online casino must have some top games providers on their list of games suppliers. Be sure they have at least 3 of the following in their collections:

I. Microgaming II. Evolution Gaming III. Big Time Gaming IV. NetEnt V. Playtech

Having any of these can prove their credibility to some extents.

Try to communicate with their support channels, either via email or the live chat button on the site if they have it. This will help you confirm how fast they respond to issues. 

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