Top Online Casinos in Mozambique

Mozambique is a beautiful country in Southern Africa. People around the world know it for different things, including its scenic beaches, cultural diversity, and exotic wildlife.

Most water sports enthusiasts here spend their leisure time discovering its many safe spots for scuba diving, swimming, and fishing.

But this is not all Mozambicans can do for amusement. Locals are free to gamble online, as long as they are 18 or older. Fortunately, indulging in this fun activity is much easier today, owing to the many online casinos receiving players from this country. Most of these platforms accept the Mozambican metical (MZN) to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.

Top Online Casinos in Mozambique
History of gambling in Mozambique

History of gambling in Mozambique

Gambling is not a new concept in Mozambique. Bettors in this country have been gambling for decades now. During colonial times (before June 1975), betting was popular under Portuguese rule. Even so, little is known regarding the games gamblers played or the laws that governed this thrilling activity back then.

In 1994, almost two decades after Mozambique attained its independence, gambling in this country was legalized. However, this law of 1994 came with some pretty harsh restrictions. For instance, it required all casinos to be located in a large hotel with at least 250 rooms. They also had to be situated fifty kilometers away from cities. In addition, the minimum amount one was allowed to invest in a casino was $15 million.

Undoubtedly, these tough conditions made it difficult for most enthusiastic entrepreneurs to invest in land-based casinos in the 1990s, especially if they lacked adequate knowledge about how a casino business operates. What if they suffered losses or unknowingly broke a law that would render their investment fruitless?

Mozambicans who enjoyed gambling before 2000 were also incredibly cautious when choosing the casinos to visit. Most of these betting fans considered factors such as licensing and location before selecting a gambling house.

Gambling nowadays in Mozambique

The gambling industry in Mozambique is now better than it was in the 1990s. In 2009, Armando Guebuza, the former president of this country, amended the 1994 gambling law to get rid of the stringent rules that gambling businesses and gamblers had to follow. The main reason behind this was to improve Mozambique's tourism sector.

The new law brought about these favorable changes:

Area restrictions were lifted, meaning that casinos can now be established near cities in Mozambique.

Entrepreneurs only need to raise a minimum capital of USD 8 million to establish a casino instead of $15 million.

Casinos in Mozambique don't have to be a part of a 250-room hotel. Instead, they can be established "in association" with one or more four or five-star hotels in this country.

Gambling companies are free to operate slot machines outside their residences in locations such as malls.

Online gambling is now legal in Mozambique.

After the 2009 amendment, more Mozambicans are excited to sink their money into casinos. Investors in this industry choose the locations of their gambling houses wisely to maximize profits. In most cases, casinos are situated close to cities because they are likely to draw the attention of more players who are now not as guarded as they were before.

History of gambling in Mozambique
Future of online casinos in Mozambique

Future of online casinos in Mozambique

After the legalization of online gambling in 2009, Mozambicans can register at as many online casinos as they want. All they need is Wi-Fi and tablets, smartphones, or desktops. These necessities are readily available in Mozambique. But their affordability may differ. For instance, there are many internet service providers (ISPs) in this country, and they charge varying rates. While some players can comfortably pay for a quality and reliable ISP, others cannot, affecting their online gaming experiences.

Although gamblers in Mozambique have been playing casino games online legally for years, the number of online gamers here massively surged during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. This was after President Filipe Nyusi banned all events in locations such as land-based casinos to minimize the coronavirus cases in this region. Therefore, players who wanted to satiate their various gambling needs had to sign up for different betting websites as long as they met their registration requirements.

Seemingly, the future of online casinos in Mozambique is bright. Players who visited land-based casinos before the pandemic now have a taste of what it means to gamble online. It's possible for them to fully immerse themselves in a specific casino game and have fun without leaving their homes, which provides convenience.

Future of online casinos in Mozambique
Mozambican players' favorite games

Mozambican players' favorite games

Mozambican gamblers are amused by various casino games today. These include:


Slots are appealing to gamblers in Mozambique because they are diverse and super fascinating. Most of them have features such as cascading reels, unique themes, promotions, high RTPs, and wild symbols.


Roulette is also in the pool of Mozambican players' favorite casino games. Gamblers in this country already know that this game option is worth it, owing to its great odds and thrill. Its simplicity makes it ideal for both experienced players and amateurs.


Poker lovers in Mozambique are countless. They fancy this game because it doesn't just call for excellent gambling skills. It also requires them to create and apply various strategies, stimulating their minds. In addition, Mozambican live poker players enjoy socializing with others.


Most Mozambicans have an easy time learning and playing blackjack. Luckily, many variations are available at gambling platforms in Mozambique, making it convenient for gamers who like diversity. Among the popular ones are Spanish 21, classic blackjack, face-up 21, and European blackjack.

Sic Bo

Mozambicans who enjoy dice games play Sic Bo during their leisure time. Winning at this game depends on a player's luck.

Mozambican players' favorite games