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In China, as in many countries around the world, there are many online casino gambling enthusiasts. However, there is a big problem, it is difficult for a Chinese player to use the payment methods available in many Western countries. For online casinos, it is also a puzzle because they can't put the cross on a market of more than a billion potential customers. Fortunately, some Chinese payment methods can be used in online casinos, like WeChat Pay.

What is WeChat Pay support?How can I use WeChat support?
What is WeChat Pay support?

What is WeChat Pay support?

WeChat is a social media that will be launched in 2011. Its popularity is rapidly exploding, so the site expands the range of its services and develops a payment system called WeChat Payment or WeChat Pay. A large part of the population knows how to use it and has mastered all the ins and outs to perfection. Outside of China, for example, the situation is different. Not only is it not the most popular means of payment, but also some people are afraid to "risk" it.

WeChat's support service has therefore been set up to advise and guide all those who have misgivings about the reliability of this payment option. It should be mentioned that WeChat has an option for a personalized approach. All countries where this option is available have their specificities. Therefore, in case of a problem, the customer should only contact the branch of the country in which he is located to get help.

What is WeChat Pay support?
How can I use WeChat support?

How can I use WeChat support?

Although WeChat is available worldwide, the WeChat payment function only appears on accounts opened in China, South Africa, Malaysia and Hong Kong. In the rest of the world, this payment option is unfortunately not yet available.

It is relatively easy to connect to the support system. The first thing to keep in mind is that one should only contact support in the country where one opened your WeChat Pay account, even if the client is in another country. As mentioned above, the services offered vary from country to country. Therefore, the conditions and rules are different.

There are many online casino support types for example for gamblers, but if one of them needs WeChat Pay support, they will just have to contact by phone, email or chat.

How can I use WeChat support?


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Are there any transfer fees?

WeChat's users don't have to pay any fees for both sending and withdrawing. However, it is not unusual for operators to withhold fees.

Is this payment method secure?

There is absolutely nothing to worry about. WeChat Pay is completely secure.

Do casinos use this payment option for deposits and withdrawals?

We have no problem making deposits with WeChat Pay, but withdrawals are generally not available.