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Wide range of games, including live dealers
Fast and secure payment options
Regular promotions and bonuses
Mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go gaming
Wide range of games, including live dealers
Fast and secure payment options
Regular promotions and bonuses
Mobile-friendly platform for on-the-go gaming
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When it comes to online casinos, Mr Green is among the best in the business because of the wide variety of games it offers. You'll have access to an amazing range of choices - including Blackjack, Bingo, Caribbean Stud, Roulette, Three Card Poker, and countless others. The game library at Mr Green is frequently updated. Therefore, you can always find something fresh to play. The casino has top games from the leading software providers, such as Novomatic, Pragmatic Play, Red 7 Gaming, WMS (Williams Interactive), Barcrest Games. So, no matter what kind of games you're looking for, you'll be able to find them easily and quickly at Mr Green.



If you want a game that is easy to learn and offers excitement in the form of simple entertainment, then Baccarat is the perfect choice for you. If you haven’t played the game before, just sit back and relax since we will teach you how the game works.
There are 3 different sections on the table to place bets on: the bank, the player and a tie. Before the cards are dealt you need to place a bet if you think the bank or the player will win or the game will end to be a tie.
Once the bet has been placed, two cards are dealt to the bank and two cards to the player. The idea is to have 2 cards that in total make a sum of 9. Aces are worth 1, cards between 2 and 9 have their value, and all 10s have a value 0. When the sum of the cards become higher than 9 then the sum is subtracted by 10. For instance if you have two 7s, they will give a sum of 4 instead of 14.
The hand that is closest to 9 is the winner. When both hands, the one of the player and the bank, show the same sum, then it’s a tie. The exception is only when the bank has a hand of 8 or 9, in that case the bank is the winner. When a third card is given to the player then the value of the cards will be added together and compared.
So you can see that Baccarat is a very simple game to play. You don’t have to learn any additional rules when it comes to the third card, because it will be added automatically in the game.


Long gone are the days when you could play slot games and win yourself a drink or a pack of gum. Today, only one spin on the machine can make you a millionaire. Online slots have become one of the most popular casino games in the world for a reason. They are so easy to play, fast, exciting and not to forget they can bring life changing sums to your balance. What is more they are so easy to play and there are no rules you need to learn.
Nowadays there are so many different providers that specialize in slots in particular so be sure to find one that is perfect for you. You have the choice to choose one of the older classic games or try your luck with one of the more complex and feature filled slots.

How to play online slots

Playing slots is so easy but just for the sake of the argument we will go through some basic rules in case you are a beginner. Before you start playing you need to adjust your bet level and the coin value. Different games have different number of pay lines. Some of those pay lines are fixed so you have to place a bet on each pay line and some are not. If you want to get more familiar with the game and see what each symbol pays or what kind of bonuses the game has to offer you can find all those information in the pay table.

There are different symbols that make each game unique but the ones that you want to see more often are Scatters and Wilds. Wins that include the Wild symbol usually are the ones that pay the highest possible win. Wild symbols substitute all other symbols except Scatters and they complete a winning line. In some games Wild symbols can act differently, for instance they will stick on the reels for the next spin, multiply your win or even move along the reels.

Scatters on the other hand are the keys to different features a game has to offer. When you manage to land 3 scatters they will unlock a bonus round and what is more, they don’t have to be on an actual pay line, they can appear anywhere on the reels.

Volatility of slot games

When you choose a slot game, you should find one that suits your pockets too. You see, different games behave in different ways when it comes to frequency and size of payouts. This difference is referred as volatility and there are 3 different volatility categories that slots are grouped into: low, medium and high. So if you want to play a little longer you should choose low volatility games because they offer smaller wins but payout more often. High volatility games offer wins that will change your life in a matter of a second, but they don't payout so often so you will need bigger budget to play these kind of games. Medium volatility games are something in between these two. If you want to find out the volatility of a slot you should check the pay table and see the payouts for the symbols. If the highest paying symbol is 200 coins then that is a low volatility game, but if the highest paying symbol is 4.500 coins then you'll know you have a high volatility game in front of you.

Each slot features a jackpot. Some jackpots are fixed where you receive the highest possible payout from the game, and other games offer a progressive jackpot. These slots don`t have fixed jackpot amount, but instead the amount continues to rise until someone wins. With each spin a player makes, a percentage is added to the amount and when someone eventually wins the sum might be build up in excess, let’s say $10.000.000.


The history of poker is unknown to this day. The game has been compared to some other card games like ‘Poque’ that was played in China or ‘Brelan’ which is a game that uses bluffing. The only thing we know for sure is that poker became popular in the mid 18th century and was played in gambling riverboats in the Mississippi. The only difference back then was that some of the most valid hands today were not in use back then. The concept of the straight and flush were added in the 1850s.
The game was played during the Civil War by the soldiers who wanted to take their minds of the reality that surrounds them. The game kept growing in popularity into the 20th century as well. This is when Benny Binnion saw the potential of the game and decided to invite 7 of his friends to play against each other in his casino. This moment is considered the inception of the World Series of Poker. No limit Hold `em was chosen as the rule set for the game, so you can imagine how nerve-racking the game can become once the stakes are high.

Online poker

The next evolution of the game began with the internet age. Poker was a common game to play among friends and at parties so with the huge success that the game had, it comes as no surprise that pretty fast it was played for real money. In 2003 a man named Chris Moneymaker qualified for the WSOP via the internet. He paid $86 to enter the game and left with $2.5 million. This inspiring story created a new boom of online poker players around the world. New markets are beginning to emerge when it comes to online poker and new countries are joining in making the game even more popular today.

Poker rules

Poker is not the easiest game to play, there are certain rules you need to follow and strategies you need to master. There are different variants of the game but we will start with Hold `em poker since it is very straight forward.
The game starts with each player receiving two cards face down and five cards dealt in the middle of the table known as community cards which are face up. The community cards are dealt in the following order: 3 cards at first known as the ‘flop’, the fourth card ‘turn’ and the fifth card known as ‘river’.
There are four rounds in total, the first one is before the flop, the second one is after the ‘flop’, the third one after the ‘turn’ and the fourth round follows the ‘river’. The final round is where each player finishes their bets and shows their cards. The player with the highest ranking hand wins the game. Here is a list of the best poker hands:

  • Royal Flush – This is when you have 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit.
  • Straight Flush – This is when you have five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind – This is when you have the card in each of the four suits.
  • Full House – This is when you have three of a kind and a pair.
  • Flush – This is when you have five random cards in one suit.
  • Straight – This is when you have five consecutive cards in mixed suits.
  • Three of a Kind – This is when you have 3 of the same cards.
  • Two Pairs – This is when you have two pairings of the same cards.
  • One Pair – This is when you have one pairing of the same card.
  • High Card – This is when you have no matching of either card or suit.

The many different types of poker

There are different variations of poker besides Hold 'em. One of the most popular among players around the world is Texas Hold 'em but other types of the game do exist and they have a certain crowd of people that enjoy playing them.

  • Omaha – Omaha is a variant of poker that is quite similar to Hold `em. The player here is given four cards of which he can use only two, and they can use only three of the five community cards.
  • Seven Card Stud – This variant used to be the most popular one before Hold `em poker took over the spot. The game is played this way, the player is given two cards to begin with and later on it is dealt five additional ‘face up’ cards. The betting takes place before each card is dealt.
  • Five Card Draw – This version is considered the easiest one to master especially for beginners. The player receives five cards and they are able to discard up to three cards and draw the same amount again. Placing bets is before the discard round.
  • Razz – Razz is a variant that is popular among certain circles of people but not known overall. This variant is quite the opposite of poker in that way that here the lowest hand is the most valuable one.
  • Mixed Poker – This is another type of poker that is played not very often and again the most valuable hand is the lowest hand.
    Texas Hold `em started as a variant but today it is considered the base game. So, for every beginner out there the most important thing that they need to remember is that they must start with this game. You can learn the rules of this game and once you consider yourself to be established player you can move onto different styles.

aPoker and video poker

Some might say that online poker lacks the crucial skill that is required to play it, bluffing. It is because it lacks the interaction between the players. This is something leading video poker players can't agree with since they claim that skill is still a large part of the game. so let`s see some of the main differences between poker and video poker:

  • Skill Level – One of the advantages of online poker is the fact that you can play the game for free. This way you can employ all the strategies you know and hang on the rules. You don't have to go to a land based casino and go bust for that matter. Online poker has more advantages than we can think of at the moment. For instance, you can`t cheat the system or get psyched out about other players. Online poker is similar to slots. You insert your cash and the game is quite intuitive and the program will guide you through the rest. When it comes to skills, you will have more challenges when you play the game in person, but then again online poker gives you the same game with plenty of challenges but in a more laid back and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Strategy – You will be successful in both games if you are critical and quick thinking. When you play poker online you still need to deal with other people. Online poker requires the lowest amount of strategy but that doesn’t mean there`s no strategy at all. You still have to prepare yourself for the next round and figure out the best options for each hand.
  • Preference – In the end it all comes to personal choice. Some people choose to play poker at a land based casino because they enjoy the heated atmosphere, others prefer to play online because the atmosphere is more relaxed and online poker offers jackpots too.

Live Casino Poker at Mr Green

Live dealer poker is a combination of online gambling and a touch of a human element through a live dealer. Thanks to the live dealer managing the game, online poker truly becomes a gaming experience that can rival any land based casino environment. What is left for you to do is to pick a game, join a group of players and enjoy a real life casino atmosphere.

Video Poker

At Mr Green you can find different variations of poker. The most popular one is Jacks and Better which can be found in two variations thanks to NetEnt and IFT. They both include features that are hard to pass. For instance the NetEnt variation offers 25 hands available for simultaneous betting and IFT variation includes side betting on hands, and when you hit the right combination you can unlock a multiplier on any wining hand.


Playing bingo at Mr Green is very easy, you just need to purchase a ticket and enter a Bingo Room. Your ticket will be pre-filled with random numbers in a grid format. There are two types of prizes you can win:

  • Prize Pool – This is where you and other players contribute to the prize. The amount of the prize pool can be TRUE at the Bingo Room and in the Bingo Lobby.
  • Jackpots - This is where you can win a pre-determined amount no matter how many players are there. In case there are more than one jackpot winners, then the prize will be divided amongst winners.
    You can buy as many tickets as you want, but they must be used at the same time. If you want you can communicate with other players in the Bingo Room and with the moderator as well.


The idea when playing blackjack is to beat the dealer. There are three ways you can do that:

  • When you get 21 with the first two cards that are dealt to you, without the dealer hitting 21.
  • When you get a hand higher than the dealer without exceeding 21
  • When the dealer goes over 21.
    As a player you will receive 2 cards and you have to decide whether you want to stick with the existing hand or take another hand. Each card counts as their face value except for Jack, Queen and King which all count as 10. The Ace will count as 1 or 11. When the player makes a decision the dealer reveals his hand. The dealer plays by blackjack rules which means he keeps taking cards until he hits 17 or, or goes bust.
    Blackjack also offers couple of other variants of the same game where you can ‘double down’ and ‘split’. When you are doubling down, that means you are doubling your bet in exchange for an extra card. Also when you receive two cards of the same value you can split them and receive 1 extra card for each hand.
    Blackjack is one of those games that you really need to master your skills in order to win. When you learn how to truly play blackjack you can lower the house edge to 0.1%. There are two factors that you need to take into account, the value of your first two cards and the value of the dealer`s up card. These cards will determine your next move and you can easily decide whether to hit, stand, double or split.


In roulette you can take a number of different bets. You can start by placing a bet on red or black, a single number, groups of numbers, odd or even, and high or low numbers. Once the player makes their decision the croupier spins the wheel and the only thing that is left for the player is to hope that the ball will drop onto the pocket they placed a bet on.

How to play roulette

Even though there are different variations of roulette, all games use the same basic play style that is simple to learn. There is a variety of betting options available and the game also offers a surprising level of depth for the really serious players.
To start playing you simply need to place your chips on the layout in the betting positions of your choice. There are two main bets: inside and outside bets. The inside bets have higher pay outs but at the same time they are more risky. You can place a bet on one individual number or a group of numbers.

  • Straight up – This is when you place a bet on one individual number and the payout for this bet is 35:1.
  • Split – This is when you place a bet on two numbers. In order to do that you need to place the chip on the line between two numbers, and the payout for this bet is 17:1.
  • Street – This is when you place a bet on three numbers. In order to do that you need to place the chip on the line at the end of a row of 3 numbers. The pay out for this bet is 11:1
  • Corner – This is when you place a bet on four numbers. In order to do that you need to place your chips on the cross intersection between 4 numbers. The payout for this bet is 8:1.
  • Six Line – This is when you place a bet on six numbers. In order to do that you need to place your chips on the intersection between two streets. The payout for this bet is 5:1.
    Outside bets are more likely to win but they have lower payouts. These are the following outside bets:
  • Dozens – This is when you place a bet on 12 numbers. In order to do that you need to place your chips inside one of the boxes at the bottom layout marked as 2-1. There are three columns where the 1st column covers numbers from 1 through 34, the 2nd column covers numbers from 2 through 35 and the 3rd column covers numbers from 3 through 36. The payout for this bet is 2:1.
  • Red or Black – This is when you place a bet on red or black numbers. In order to do that you need to place your chips in the red or black box on the outside of the layout. The payout for this bet is 1:1.
  • Odd or Even – This is when you place a bet on odd or even numbers. In order to do that you need to place your chips in the odd or the even box on the outside of the layout. The payout for this bet is 1:1.
  • High or Low – This is when you place a bet on all the high numbers, from 19 and over, or on the low numbers, 18 and under. In order to do that you need to place your chips in the 19-36 box or the 1-18 box on the outside of the layout. The pay for this bet is 1:1.


Football is one of the most popular sports that people bet on. This may be because of the fact that there are dozens of matches playing every day giving you the opportunity to make a profit. One of the most exciting forms is betting on big events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. At Mr Green you will find the most competitive odds and betting markets.

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Real money games

If you want to play with real money you need to open an account at Mr Green first and make a deposit. You need to be careful though since gambling for real money can be a very tricky business. You need to have deep pockets to allow yourself this form of entertainment. You can`t see gambling as your way out of debt, or your only form of income.

Being upfront with your budget is certainly the best way to keep yourself in check. Good thing here is that at Mr Green you can find a game for every pocket. You can accommodate your bet levels and find the game that offers minimum bets that start as little as 25p, for instance. High roller on the other hand will be glad to hear that there are high roller tables that even elevate their upper limits.

Mr Green Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth with Daily Free Spins on Sugar Rush

Mr Green Satisfies Your Sweet Tooth with Daily Free Spins on Sugar Rush

Established in 2008, Mr Green is among Europe's most respected online casino brands. The casino is known for its wide range of games, including multiple progressive jackpots. This multi-award-winning casino also has several bonuses and promotions for new and loyal players.