Scratch Cards Winning Tips

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When it comes to thrill and fun, there are a few online casino games that can be compared to scratch cards. The purpose of these games is for players to scratch off cards in order to reveal the mystery reward hidden behind them. The question is, why are some players more successful at it than others? Could it be that these players have a secret strategy in their arsenal? In this article, we discuss some basic tips on how to win scratch cards and how to gain an edge over your opponents.

Scratch Cards Winning Tips

Tips for Winning Scratch Cards

Before listing the tips, note that scratch card outcomes are luck-based. This means no amount of strategy can reduce the house edge. Also, the tips below apply to both online and physical scratch cards.

Choose Higher-Priced Cards

This strategy works almost all the time with physical scratch cards. A higher-priced scratch card often has better odds of winning because they typically have a higher payout percentage. In other words, more money from ticket sales is allocated towards prizes, resulting in a higher probability of winning.

However, using the quality-over-quantity approach with physical cards is essential. The idea is to avoid spending all your money on a physical card whose outcome is random. Premium cards often have more significant rewards. So, these cards give players a balance of high winning odds and attractive prizes.

Purchase Cards in Bulk

This is another strategy that works for physical cards. Most gamblers swear by purchasing numerous cards to increase their probability of winning. These players believe that manufacturers randomly place prizes on cards from the same game, increasing the odds of winning with bulk cards.

But while the chances of winning a payout from five cards are higher than playing a single card, players must have a budget to support this. Playing with low-value cards is also advisable to avoid busting the bankroll.

Check the Payout Odds

Only play an online scratch card after confirming that the payout odds are friendly. Like slots, scratch card game developers often indicate the payout odds on the in-game information. This information is usually displayed as the RTP (return to player). And yes, a higher RTP means more winning chances.

Here is an example:

  1. An online scratch card can have a 95% RTP.
  2. A player then places a $100 bet on a single round.
  3. The maximum payout for such a game is $95.

Play Free Scratch Card Games

Online scratch cards can have complex features that gamers must master before playing. This includes the paytable, volatility, RTP, how to place a wager, and more. Feeling comfortable with the game is vital before wagering real money.

One of the best ways to play scratch cards for free and understand the game is by playing the demo versions. Most online casinos offer free versions of these cards for players to know how the game pays out before playing with real money. Another way is to use online casino bonuses. With bonuses, gamers can play cards for free and win a payout after fulfilling the bonus requirements.

Look for Cards from Reputable Companies

Whether playing physical or online cards, selecting the game supplier carefully is critical. That's because reputable game developers have a reputation to protect, meaning the outcomes are random.

Online cards generally use RNG (random number generators) to process billions of results per second. Players must only play scratch cards from reputable companies to avoid playing with rigged RNG results. Also, check if the casino has been tested and approved by an independent company like eCOGRA, Gaming Associates, or iTech Labs. The best online casinos boastfully display testing certificates from these laboratories.

Play New Games

Last but definitely not least, scratch card players are advised to play new games. That's because newer games often have a higher probability of winning. After all, the lottery company wants to attract more players by offering better odds and bigger prizes.


All the tips for scratch cards discussed in this article are worth implementing to increase the winning odds. But even with these tips, it's best to lower any winning expectations because scratch card outcomes are random. Put simply, play for fun and hope for the best.

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No, scratch cards are games of chance like slots, baccarat, bingo, keno, roulette, and craps. This means no amount of strategy can boost the player's winning odds in this game.

What Are Some Common Scratch Card Winning Tips?

Although no strategy guarantees a win on scratch cards, players can still increase their winning odds by playing games with reputable companies at regulated casinos. Also, play scratch cards with the highest possible RTP.

Is It Legal to Use Scratch Card Winning Tips?

Yes, winning tips for scratch cards are absolutely legal to use. But always play scratch cards on a legal gambling site or venue.

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Online scratch cards don't work like physical tickets. Instead, players must match at least three payout symbols on the game board to win a payout. So, learn the paytable before playing.

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